Moffat Appreciation Day countdown meme. November 14 - Favorite episode.

Can we take a minute to talk about this? Because this minisode is brilliant. The writing is brilliant, the acting is brilliant (I have fallen in love with Paul McGann’s Doctor), the combination of Classic and New Who elements is brilliant.

This is who the Doctor is – a healer. The man who ran away from his home planet to see the universe, to explore and have fun. The man who makes sassy jokes about eternal life and boredom when he has four minutes left to live. The man who doesn’t walk away, the man who can’t stand idly by when children are crying (and to him, we’re all children). The man who flies the TARDIS into a crashing ship to save the woman trapped in it, and possibly extend an invitation to travel with him through time and space. The man who refuses to fight, to kill, to destroy. He doesn’t want to tear apart, he builds, he fixes, he comes up with brilliant plans to save worlds with a kettle and some string.

And yet, when he’s slapped in the face with the knowledge that he’s the only person in the whole universe who can stop the bloodshed, the destruction of all reality, he doesn’t hesitate. He’s a Doctor, a healer, a savior. Worlds are falling apart and lives are being lost, and someone needs to stop it, someone needs to shoulder than burden. So he makes an impossible decision. He has to forsake who he is, his chosen mission in life, to fulfill that mission. It’s a paradox, Doctor Who style. To be a Doctor to the universe, he needs to stop being the Doctor.

And McGann plays all those nuances, contradictions and brokenness masterfully. I mean, if an actor can make you fall in love with them in only six minutes, there’s definitely undeniable talent there. It’s that feeling you get when you see a new Doctor (whether they’re new to the show, or new to you), and your mind goes “yes, he’s the Doctor, this is the Doctor I know.”

This is the Doctor I know, and this is the show that I love. I bow to you, Moffat, you did it again.

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    This is exactly why it should have been in the 50th itself. Think of what McGann accomplished in 6+ minutes… now think...
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